Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Loving sweet life!

February, the month of love. On Valentine's Day a lot of people around us express there love to one another.

  Love and warm colors also reflected in the different mood boards that passed by this month. Many with red and pink!

Because of the mood board and love, I get inspired enough to start out on my two pages in my artbook. Playing with colors, shapes and materials. Want to make something playful, but especially something cheerful and sweet with different colors of pink. I started to treat the pages with gesso and then I added a good piece of tissue paper from Tim Holtz on it. I made the tissue paper lighter with gesso. After the gesso was dry, I'm playing with different shades of pink ink and paint. A number of dots on it with modeling paste, here and there a few drops pink ink so I blown them different sides/ways with a straw. Love the effect of it.  While the pages are drying, I found a several pieces of pink paper, ribbon, lace, flowers and embellishments to work at the pages. Then I played around until I loved the way it looks. On the edges of the paper I added pink ink to create more depth.
After I glued the paper, ribbon, lace and embellishments, I continued with the flowers. I placed the flowers in the extension of the flowers on the photo. Some hearts on it and to finish it with a pink and white striped straw. What just gives a playful effect on to the pages.

Hope you like it.

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