Sunday, March 13, 2016

The love birds!

Hello there,

Last time I made a photo frame in white/purple/blue and loved doing it so much, that I had to make another one. But this time I had to try and do something else with the photo frame.

Here you can see the difference between the two photo frames very good. The only thing that connects them is the color purple and the flower branch.

First I started out by painting the frames with black gesso. After they dried I took a branch stencil and some silver "inka gold", so it wouldn't be just black frames.

To give the birds a little expression I painted their wings and tail with gold and purple "inka gold". Did the same with the metal embellishments.

This flower I painted with purple en silver "inka gold" and to finish it with a little black gesso. I also put black gesso on the leaves. They were already copper colored. 

For the middle section i found some great fitting paper. A little wooden frame were I put black gesso and a small key on. Also found a cabochon with music notes in my stash and it fitted perfect next to the key. The flower branch was too boldly colored, so I splashed white gesso over it. Love the outcome!

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