Tuesday, March 1, 2016

It's your time to shine!

Hello there,

This time i had to try make something out of a photo frame. Love the outcome of it.

I started out with a white frame, first I used black gesso through a mask on it. It was too black and I didn't like it. So I took some white gesso and pink glitter. Mixed it together and put a thin layer over the entire frame. 

On corners and other places of the frame I put masking tape with text on it. Colored the masking tape with blue ink from ColorBox and also a little on the frame.

I used paper where normally the picture would be. I put some modeling paste on it with a mask. Finished it with blue ink from ColorBox. As a last step I used a clear stamp from Prima "Cartographer" on the paper, also on the frame.

In the frame I used some feathers, metal embellishments, flowers, paper buttons, glitter leaves and twigs from my own stash. 

I also found a wooden frame witch I colored first with white gesso. The edges I colored with blue ink from ColorBox. Because the colors of the flowers were too bright for my idea I splashed it with gesso.

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