zondag 28 februari 2016

Quillan's Canvas

Hello there,

My son asked me to make something especially for him. Something sturdy, mechanical and in the colors green/blue. So this is what it looks like now and he loves it.

I started with a canvas, which I turned upside down. Then I put the letter Q on the canvas, the letter Q is the first letter of his name; Quillan. I thought it would be rugged looking if I used some rope on it and plaster tape.

The next step I took was to put some gesso over the letter Q and the canvas where I also put some transparent tissue paper and plaster tape on.

After the gesso dried, I started to look what kind/color of paper fitted best. This one I loved most, on the edges and corners I put some "Graphite black" ink from Brilliance. 

To give it a rugged appearance I used some spray mist from Tim Holtz. And on the letter Q I put some black inkt splashes, love the outcome of the canvas and letter after using the glimmermist.

On the corners of the canvas I used some green and blue "inka gold". Also put it as background in the canvas and on the "Q".

Found some gears, lights, screws, tabs of a can, etc. in my stash. I colored them with alcohol ink "clay" and "rust" from Patina. And added a bit of acrylic paint "metallique emerald green" from Finnabair.

On the edges of the canvas and on the letter "Q" I used the gears. I also put a zipper on the "Q". The rest of my embellishments I used as a background to the "Q" and in under the green and blue "inka gold".

These wooden sticks came with the canvas. I first painted them en then used a brick stamp with black ink on top of it. The arrows I decorated as well with alcohol ink and a little acrylic "metallique emerald green" paint from Finnabair.

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